How Is Pic Sponsors™ Different?

Pic Sponsors™ have innovated the fundraising space by introducing the power of pictures. A picture truly tells a thousand words, and is the best way to quickly reach supporters with your fundraising message.

The key innovation at Pic Sponsors™ involves combining pictorial fundraising with crowd funding. Supporters are motivated to contribute as they stake their claim on a section of the picture, and share their piece of the picture with their network via social media. Fundraisers experience exponential growth in their support base as the picture is shared.

The concept of purchasing a pixel of a picture has been raised before, but never demonstrated in practice; sponsors and viewers alike couldn't see the pixel they sponsored. Pic Sponsors™ brings the following innovations and benefits:

  • Supporters view and share their specific section of the picture
  • Prime sections of the picture receive increased perceived value
  • Supporters stipulate how much of the picture they wish to support, beginning at the minimum amount set by the fundraiser
  • Donations are tax deductible for registered DGRs with receipts issued instantly & automatically
  • ​Funds are collected on a commission basis, a small percentage of funds received
  • No up-front fees, no service fees (minimum commission amounts apply)
  • Fundraisers create and manage information web pages to accompany their campaign at no cost

Take advantage of the Pic Sponsors™ difference - register free now.