School Fundraisers Idea - Picture Sponsorship

Pic Sponsors™ is the perfect avenue for school fundraising. Consider these advantages:

  • No up-front fees
  • Pictures inspire kids, parents & relatives
  • Social media quickly promotes & spreads your campaign
See example school fundraising campaign pictures

Traditional School Fundraising

School fundraising plays a vital role in children's development and is one of the keys to a successful school. Both teachers and parents have spent countless hours organising fundraising events, fetes, dinners, dances, bakes, buy-sell-and-swap meets, and worked tirelessly to promote each event.

With Pic Sponsors™, one member of staff registers as a fundraising coordinator and allows P&C or fundraising committee members, auxiliaries, and teachers to create campaigns. Promotion through the school newsletter, email and social media follows quickly and easily.

Consider the possibilities for your compelling campaign picture:

  • Cross-country or fun-run sponsorship
    A picture of the runners where family & friends choose which children to sponsor
  • New gym equipment
    A collage picture of different items of equipment. When one item is covered in sponsorship, the item is purchased
  • Additional computers or outdoor recreation area
    Students take more interest and pride in items when they can contribute, and they'll see exactly what their donation accomplishes
  • Special excursion (national or international)
    Scenic photos of the landscape or attraction that will be visited stirs enthusiasm and promotes funding