How Can I Promote My Fundraising Campaign?

Promoting your fundraising campaign is easy with Pic Sponsors™ because if you've chosen a compelling campaign picture, each donor who shares a link to the section they've sponsored will be spreading the word for you. But how do you get the ball rolling?

Build A Social Media Following

The first place you might turn to share the link to your campaign picture is social media, but first you're going to need followers. Re-posting about your campaign is a good idea, but take care not to saturate everyone's feed with pleas for money. Avoid using guilt because it's not a good motivator; appeal to fun, and the goodness of giving.

Give back to your social media community by contributing; make helpful and encouraging posts so that followers are inclined to give back to your cause out of appreciation. Make sure your website if you have one has a like button, but if the button likes your website address (instead of your social media account) try and connect with those that like your website. Only once you're accounts are connected will they see your other posts.

Add Information Pages

Pic Sponsors™ becomes your campaign website, offering additional information pages to support your campaign picture page, at no cost. These can be found in search engines by searchers looking for information on your campaign, or on the cause you are benefiting.

For example, if your fundraiser benefits research into a particular disease, create information pages about the symptoms, sufferers networks, current treatments, current research, future research and the role funding will play. This attracts, engages and motivates supporters.

Leverage Traditional Networks

  • Put a link to your campaign picture on your website
    Add a 'button' on every page of your website. The best places are in the right hand side (the action area) and at the bottom of pages you know visitors read.
  • Include your campaign URL in your next school or club newsletter
    Leave a little curiosity about the picture you've chosen, and let potential supporters go online to discover it. You could also arrange a separate domain name to make it easier (see below).
  • Email all your subscribers
    Announce your campaign has launched and what your fundraising targets are. Even if you don't have an email subscriber list, consider sending a one-time email to everyone, and tell them you won't email them again or give them a way to unsubscribe.
  • Posters, flyers & community notice boards
    Posters with the campaign picture and URL are great advertising, and a tear-off tag at a bus stop notice board can be all it takes to get someone started. Give it a try!

Register A Separate Domain Name

Pic Sponsors™ can register and host a separate domain name specifically for your campaign/s. This makes it easy to brand your campaign and redirect visitors straight to your campaign picture. For example, if your campaign is for the Fun Run Fundraiser for 2015, a domain like might be easier to promote. Contact Pic Sponsors™ for assistance.